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 Debut album 'ENOUGH' OUT NOW ... listen mate!

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Hey guys, 

So I am going to start trying to update you here.. personally. I know it doesn't get much more personal that snapchat and Instagram live etc but this is almost more personal just typing like the good old days haha. I am in LA, I am missing my family but working harder than ever. I am really excited to be releasing new music although I know a great deal of my fans haven't even heard the album yet.. buttt I have no doubt that they will. I am super thankful for my supporters! I adore you guys and it won't be long until I am doing a world tour. 

On a side note, other than releasing a single 'Things Change' this week on the 28th of Feb.. I am also releasing self affirmation E-cards. Available for download as you know how big I am on personal development and mental health. I am so also typing up a smoothie recipe E-book and will eventually work on a couple fitness tips. That is more on the fun side but music is my main focus! 

Love you guys, stay tuned Gronkehs!